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We've set up this page to inform you about topically changes and events. You can also subscribe for the free Newsletter! Then you´ll be informed automatically as soon as the website will be updated.


    November, 3th 2007
  • 30th of June 2007: We made it home, settled down near our home town and work again! Read the latest reports about the last days on the road and the first time back home in the travelogues!
  • While we´ve been on the road, you found the latest updates and news only in the travelogues , in the future here on this side "News". And there will be definitely updates, because we want to add more information to share our experiences with you!

    March 31, 2005
  • We updated our website completely. As yet: "..when we´ll start our trip...", now you can read "we are on the way"! But actually we start on April 1st!
  • Our last days at home were very busy: Packing the motorbikes, flat cleaning and saying good bye...Now we suffer from travel nerves, heart palpitation and sleeplessness :-)
  • Pictures of our last party at home: To find at "Pictures"
  • Thanks to all, who help us in the last days before departure!
  • Many thanks to the BMW- Club of New Zealand! It´s members sent us a map with tour proposals! We´re looking forward to ride our motorbikes with them in NZ!
  • On our way we hope to update our website every 2-3 weeks. Those, who subscribe the newsletter, will be informed automatically, when there is a new travelogue or new pictures!

    March 11, 2005
  • Countdown is running: Still 20 days till departure!!
  • We´ve got Tool boxes for our Dakars!! Please look at "We pack...Motorcycle alteration"
  • Also new: Mountings for spare tyres. Find at: "We pack...Motorcycle alteration"
  • New Entries at "Links" again! Look at New Entry!
  • Our plan treating children on the way is becoming more concretely: We sent the balls, we became from a manufacture, to Romania, Ukraina and Mongolia! We want to visit there some children´s homes.
  • There is a forwarder, which send the balls to certain countries ( for example in South America) for free. Thank you very much!
  • Problems with Russian visa: We thought for ourself and brought forward the validity period for the Russian visa. That wasn´t a problem for us, because we don´t stay for 6 months in Russia. We knew, that you can soonest ordered the Russian Visa 45 days before entry. But we didn´t know that the process time for authorisation of the company invitation is minimum 3 weeks...If the lady of the company, where we ordered the visa had recalculated, she had noticed, that it can´t work! But no more than a week ago she noticed it. Because of her exertion, we brought forward the validity period with hindsight. So we hope to get the visa before April, 1st. Otherwise she have to send on the visa to Romania.

    February 12, 2005
  • Tommy mounted compression leg protectors, yoke protector and longer PTFE steel braided brake lines because of the Handlebar Risers. Click "We pack...Motorcycle alteration"
    Tommy mit Rosa´s Dakar
  • We updated the info on needed documents. Look at "We pack...documents..."

    February 03, 2005
  • Up to now there was only one Travelogues for the German and English site. We set up a separate Travelogues for the English reader.
  • The layout of the Photo Album is finished: To find the navigation at the "Photo Album" scroll down! Sure, there aren´t pictures of our jouney yet. But until then we present there some pictures of us and our bikes of 2004.
  • We took out a health insurance for our trip. A small precis you can find at "We pack... Insurances".
  • New Entries at "Links"! Look at New Entry!

    January 16, 2005
  • You can find a new button: "Pictures". The Photo Album will be updated from Germany. At regular intervals we send a CD with pictures of our trip to a friend. So the Photo Album isn´t up to date as the travelogues, but a few weeks later.
    However some new pictures you can find at each update of the travelogues!
  • During our christmas holidays and also because of our cold, we had a lot of time to search in the WWW. Click "Links" New Entry!
  • Some people ask, why we don´t take the 1150 GS, but the "small GS" for our trip. For us the 1150 GS is the best bike for touring. But for our trip we think, they are too weighty. For example riding dirt trails, or motorbikes in an aeroplane (cost of carriage often calculated by weight). Another argument against it, because the 1150 GS use 1 litre oil for 1000 kilometres! An alternative solution it could be the new 1200 GS, at least because of its lighter weight. But against it, the 1200 GS it´s too expensive for us and there are just new vehicles to buy at the moment. Above all there aren´t any field report, because it´s a new developed vehicule.
    We´re glad with our Dakars :-) We think, it´s absolutely the right choice!!

    December 28, 2004

    Happy New Year!

    We wish you a Happy New Year!!! We hope that you´ll be able to achieve your dreams and intensions in 2005!


  • We´re shocked about the distress, which caused by the submarine earthquake in southeast of Asia on December 26. Most of all children are the victims of this natural disaster. So we want to appeal to you: Please contribute towards a fund!
  • ´Cause of a very friendly sponsor - a fabricant for balls - we´ve got 250 balls in our garage we´ll give to children aid organisations and children´s homes all over the world. If you know an organisation in a country we´ll visit on our tour, please contact us!
    Thanks to Hansi, who brought us the balls!

    December 19, 2004

    Merry Christmas!

    Frohe Weihnachten!

  • Our new sponsor: www.wildchips.com Thank you!
    Wild Chips are a pure natural product of meat from elk, deer and reindeer, low in fat but high in protein and energy.
  • www.optimus.se sponsored us a multi fuel stove, that we´ve tested last summer many times! Last week we received an OPTIMUS TERRA. TERRA is a rugged, hard-anodized aluminium cookset with a technical twist. The Slim-fit stuff bag as insulation keeping your food hot and saving fuel by feducing warm-keeping time. When packed, it also protects the non-stick surfaces and eliminates the well-known "backpack maraccas".
    Thanks a lot!!
  • New is the Button "Pictures". This Photo Album will be probable updated from Germany. That means we´ll send from time to time (one time per month for example) a CD with pictures to Germany.
    When we´ll update our travelogues, we´ll send a few pictures, too. So you don´t have to wait a long time to take a look at pictures from our trip!
  • A new picture: "We pack...packing list" There you can see the tools and spares, we´ll take away on our trip!

    November 20, 2004
  • Our packing list is finished at last. Just click on "We pack... Packing list..." and enjoy it. New is also the report about the alteration of the foot rests on the motorcycles and the additional bags for the aluminium pannier set at "We pack...Motorcycle alteration...")
  • Thanks to our new sponsor: www.safeman.de They gave us four "Safeman" for our trip! With this lock we'll be able to protect our helmets (e.g.) from being stolen.
  • We've found two very interesting links concerning travelling on the www, but unfortunately they are only in German language. Just click the button "Links... " and then on the links marked neuer Eintrag!
  • " We've tested our new sponsored motorcycle wear at very contrarious conditions (fog, drizzle, 2°C) and we are absolutely comfortable with it! No pinching, no frozen limbs or steamed visors!

    October 23, 2004
  • Good things come to those who wait: From today on this website will be updated in two languages: German and English! We're pleased to participate our adventure with those, who don't speak German!
    Maybe the English version will be updated some days later as the German version. Yet our English isn't very well, so we have to give the texts for proof-reading to a friend…
    We hope, you excuse us for making some mistakes in our English translation…
  • Many thanks to www.friweg.de , that sponsors the tool kit for our trip! Tommy has Friweg tools since many years and he's very comfortable with it!
  • And we want to thank www.tommys-fundgrube.de from Stuttgart for endowing us cross boots "Daytona TransOpen GTX" at a really good price!
  • Thanks to www.trekking-mahlzeiten.de for sending a parcel with trekking- food! We´re looking forward to the mousse-au-chocolate...Also we bought there a www.katadyn.com water filter at a very good price!! Thanks a lot!