Gigantic "68,000 km world trip" in preparation



A world trip by GS enduro has not only attracted the successful extreme biker couple Kevin and Julia Sanders (see "Globebuster" travel report under GS on tour) and the Hollywood stars Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman: the Baden-Württemberg enduro riders Tommy (46) and Rosa (32) have also been working for months on realising their big dream: in two years they will cover an impressive 68,000 kilometres on their two BMW F 650 GS Dakar! They intend to travel through a total of 25 countries in the continents of Eurasia, Australia, America and Africa. An amazing challenge to both man and machine!

It will start in April 2005: setting off from their home town of
Denzlingen near Freiburg, Tommy and Rosa will undertake their big adventure around the globe on their bikes. Car electrician Tommy and watchmaker Rosa will then become genuine globetrotters. A trip of superlatives full of incredible destinations and experiences, but also full of challenges involving considerable hardships and dangers. For this period of time, Tommy and Rosa will be leaving everything behind them so that they can experience landscapes and people close up, liberated from any time pressure. Their social commitment is one thing they won't be leaving behind however: in many countries they will visit orphans, providing them with an interesting break from their daily lives with exciting travel stories.

From Denzlingen the trip will take them straight across
Europe to Russia and Mongolia. After the completion of this first section of the journey, the two enduro riders will have been on their bikes for 16,500 kilometres. The trip takes them on through Japan and the Philippines, they then go for three months and another 15,000 kilometres to Australia and New Zealand. From there they will be crossing over to America. For South and North America, Tommy and Rosa are allowing themselves around 14 months. They will then travel through the north-western countries of Africa from Senegal to Morocco. From Portugal via Spain and France they will then return to Germany.

Tommy has been an amateur racer for many years and is deliberately choosing the BMW F 650 GS Dakar for this "trip of a lifetime" - the model designation "
Dakar" is no coincidence. With its extended spring travel, the large 21-inch front wheel, the engine management system BMS-C II in conjunction with the two-spark dual ignition and the powerful 4-valve single cylinder engine, it is a reliable partner for demanding cross-country trekking and use on difficult terrain.

Tommy has already completed the conversion of the two bikes: additional tanks with a capacity of 22 litres provide the required range for deserted regions. Other useful features for the journey are the exhaust system without catalytic converter and a chain lubrication system. Self-made constructions such as the GPS holder and a side stand complete the customisation.

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Tommy and Rosa present their route and provide many valuable tips on the various countries, their entry requirements, vaccinations and insurances, books and maps. A pack list is being prepared. During their adventure trip, Tommy and Rosa intend to put their experiences online in words and pictures!