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We wish you a good deal of fun on our website

Tommy & Rosa


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A Trip Around The World With Two Motorcycles

2005 to 2007

We, that are Tommy  and Rosa, and our motorcyles have been on the trip of our lifetime: A 27 months lasting trip around the world from April 1st, 2005 to June 30th, 2007!


We've set up this website to pass on our experiences and travelogues to other travellers. This website was also a good opportunity to keep our family and friends informed. While we´ve been on the road we added regularly reports to our travelogues and pictures to the foto album. Though the trip is over, the page still will be regularly filled with information, because we want to share our experiences with you!
If you don't want to miss any update, please sign up for our Newsletter, which is for free of course.

Do you have questions or want to get in contact with us, because you met us on the road or want to get to know us? If so, please send an email via our  Contact form. We will be pleased with any kind of message.

Why such a trip?

All of you which are not planning such a journey (or have had the experience of a project like ours) will perhaps ask why we did.

Of course there were reasons which argued against such a plan. We had to quit our jobs, the money put aside melted away, the provision for old age suffered, and we didn´t know the dangers and privations on the trip.

In German there is a saying: "Was Du heute kannst besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf morgen", roughly translated as "Don't hold off on something if you can do it promptly." We could have been waiting for going into retirement and then go off e.g. with a motor home. Not too bad. But what about our constitution and healthiness then? Will we be able to start such a trip then and do we actually want to? The motorbike is the most adequate vehicle for such a plan. You are only on foot, on a bike, or on a motorcycle affected as directly. Fair wind, rain whips in your face and you don't have a protective box around you as if sitting in a car.

The Why isn't easy to explain. It was the desire to leave everything behind for a while, to get to know people and countries on this earth, free and without pressure of time. Driven by advenuresomeness, novelty and the thought of escaping consumption for a certain time...

 We traveled with open eyes for not only discovering the beautiful, breathtaking, and spectacular but to learn about all the countries of this world in their entirety - including noise, dirt and dust.

We dedicated our journey to the children - they are the hope and future of our earth!


We wish you a good deal of fun on our website! Regards Tommy & Rosa

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