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Information about countries on our planned route

Countries, people, adventures...

The following information is arranged in order of travelling the countries. Countries, which are not on our planned route are not listed on these pages.

If you want to read more about the particular hop and the belonging information, please click on the link and another browser window will open. Please notice, that we didnīt update this page since our departure. So fuel prices and other information are not current anymore! We will update this list!

First Section Europe: more...

Switzerland - Italia – Greece – Bulgaria – Romania – Ukraina – Russia

Second Section Asia: more...

Mongolia - Japan - Philippines

Third Section Australia: more...

Australia - New Zealand

Forth Section South America: more...

Chile – Argentina – Bolivia – Peru

Fifth Section North America: more...

Mexico – USA – Canada

Sixth Section Africa: more...

Senegal – Mauretania – Western Sahara – Marocco – Spain – Portugal – Spain– France – Germany