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Tommy I was born 1957 in Waldkirch near Freiburg in the south of Germany.
After schooldays I've finished a training to become an automobile electrician, then went to German Federal Armed Forces. After military service I worked 15 years on my profession. Thereupon followed a three-years job in a factory manufacturing motorcycle breaks, then I went into self-employment with a shop for motorcycle accessories and last worked at a firm dealing with roller blinds and awnings.

As far as I can remember I loved motorcycling and I've spent all the money put aside for this hobby. I have to think hard to remember all the bikes I've owned:
RD 350, CB 750 four, GPZ 600, XT 600 Ténéré, VFR 750 Intercepter, FZR 1000 Genesis, FZR 1000 Exup, GSXR 750, Yamaha OW 01, FZR 600, Bimota YB 9, Bandit 1200, XJR 1200, XJR 1300 SP, Z 1000, R 1150 GS and now: F 650 GS Dakar

XT 600 Ténéré FZR 1000 Genesis

Yamaha OW01 Klaus Jenne (†), a hobby motorcycle racer, gave me an understanding of racing. He aquatinted me to the members of FMC Freiburg (an association for motor sports in Freiburg, Germany), and with their help I got a chance to drive races myself.

Meister Serie 1993 The time I drove races was enjoyable and full of experiences. It was a great team: racers, mechanics, assistants and friends. We went on tour every weekend, sometimes we were successful, sometimes not.

Deutsche Meisterschaft Supersport 600, Bimota YB 9

Deutsche Meisterschaft Supersport 600, FZR 600 At this point I want to give props to my former sponsors. Without their aid I wouldn't have managed large-scale racing!

XJR 1300 Kawasaki Z1000

BMW R1150 GS After racing times I was still crazy about motorcycles. I have always been a bit of an adventurer and my favourite travelling method has ever been riding a motor bike. So I've travelled half of Europe as well as parts of Africa and Asia with all kind of motorcycles. After having seen nearly all countries on my own continent, I tinkered with the idea of travelling a longer and more distant tour. My thoughts went round and round the issue, and at the beginning I rejected this phantasm.
But in December 2003, Rosa and me made the decision to go on a trip around the world!


But there were times during our preparations when we were afflicted by doubts

Jürgen In June, my brother died on a skiing tour in Switzerland.
There, where he liked it best, on a mountain top in the snow, he had to die. We lamented a quite exceptional person and a beloved brother.
In the middle of the preparation there were thoughts to quit the project, not knowing if itīs right to go on such a trip. A trip around the world by motorbike is much more dangerous than sit and watch TV at home. But we believe in fate. If an early death is destined, one can't do a thing against it. That helped us with the mourning and with the decision.
We want to enjoy our life and live in a way that we can say one day: We have really lived.